Boost your audience engagement.

Activate, our mobile and experiential engagement service, gives brands the possibility to connect with audiences at their point-of-purchase through various platforms: Visual Shazam, Beacons, and Geofencing. Engaged consumers become connected brand lovers.

Social Wall

Share the conversation.

Consumer generated content encourages passers-by to become part of the brand conversation through social platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


It’s all fun and games.

Gaming is an immersive and interactive way to promote brand engagement. Encourage consumers to take control of their brand experiences in real-time.

Live Feed

Broadcast live media.

Broadcast live events in real time as they happen, and provide extensive coverage of fashion shows, sporting events, concerts, national broadcasted events and more!


Extend your message.

NFC offers your audience a quick interactive experience with a simple tap or scan of their smartphone, making brand connection easy and fast.

Conditional Triggers

Display timely content.

Programmatic and conditional prompts trigger a change of content based on elements of your choice such as weather, time of the day, sports scores, and even public events.

Mobile Advertising

Enhance your OOH campaign.

Mobile advertising allows you to deliver custom content to your target audience via their mobile devices when they enter or leave a specific virtual geographic zone.


See our unique offerings.

Designed to cater to the needs of any campaign and create memorable experiences, our specialty options include projections, photo booths, lounges, popup shops and more!

How to Book Your Campaign


Define your Target Audience

Who do you want to target?

Define your Target Market

In what market(s) do you want to target your audience?

Pick Your Campaign Locations

Engage with your audience at the right place in the right environment.

Choose your Activate Booster

Choose the Activate option(s) that best suit your target audience and campaign objectives.

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