“The medium is the message”
(Marshall McLuhan, 1964)

Our products help brands meet and engage with people when they are Out-of-Home. We are proud to help businesses target and reach their audiences nationwide. Discover our media products.


Reach an affluent and highly educated demographic. An occasion to meet a steady flow of decision makers and take advantage of dwell times to engage with valuable demographics.

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Influence your target audiences immediately before they make up their minds. Malls are the last point of contact with the consumer on their path to purchase, and our nation-wide mall network allows you to reach a specific demographic while they are in the right mindset to make purchasing decisions.

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Toronto’s Union Station is the gateway to the city, connecting the downtown core to the suburbs, the subway and major attractions like the Air Canada Centre, the Rogers Centre, and the CN Tower.

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Street Furniture

The most cost effective OOH media, street furniture delivers an extended reach and effective frequency. Branded Cities offers targeting capabilities based on Socio-demographic variables and Geo-targeting.  Be part of people’s daily lives and get a chance to influence them near the point of purchase.

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Big and Iconic

Iconic assets in iconic environments. Branded Cities offers an exclusive selection of the most iconic advertising sites in Toronto such as Yonge-Dundas Square.

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Spectaculars are the most traditional Out-of-Home advertising medium. They broadcast powerful messages to the public, making brands famous.

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Our extensive Digital network offers flexibility and provides maximum visibility in strategic locations such as airports, Toronto Union Station and Yonge-Dundas square.

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Our mobile and experiential engagement service, Activate, gives brands the possibility to connect with audiences at their point-of-purchase through various platforms: Visual Shazam, Beacons, and Geofencing.

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