01 Aug 2016 / brandedcities

It’s an Urban Jungle Out There!

The GO Concourse gets Wild at Union Station

Canada’s busiest building is bound to get a little wild from time to time (especially during rush hour!)  But from April 12-15th you might find a little more truth to that sentiment than usual.  Disney Canada is bringing the jungle to the city with their interactive activation in the GO Concourse at Union Station.  Character cut-outs and title signage are complemented with a full jungle treatment – real, giant ferns and all!  Additional signage included a countdown to opening day of the movie, as well as a standalone poster informing passersby that they have the power to make the jungle come alive simply by sharing a photo on social media and tagging it #JungleBookTO.  Within seconds the sounds of the jungle can be heard, flowers bloom and you become the envy of all your followers on social media!  Local news even got in on the action with a live-on-location segment at Union Station encouraging people to check out the display.  You can see Steve Anthony’s excitement here: http://www.cp24.com/video?clipId=847588

We love to see out-of-home executions that incorporate other mediums like social media, especially when they enhance the experience for audiences in such a seamless way.


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