01 Aug 2016 / brandedcities

Drake’s Toronto Takeover Generates 127.2 Million Earned Media Impressions

Drake is no stranger to out-of-home advertising. His ‘Started From The Bottom’ video, released in 2013, features Drake dancing on a large-format billboard emblazoned with the song’s refrain. In November 2015, he bought a single billboard alongside Toronto’s Gardiner Expressway that become a viral phenomenon, racking up 86 million earned media impressions. Drake has seen how out-of-home can capture attention and drive online engagement.

Drake’s team came to Clear Channel with a strategy to pepper the city with out-of-home assets that contain insider references to Toronto. The campaign artwork, perfectly on brand for Drake, didn’t include glam shots of the star or explicitly promote his forthcoming album. Instead, it featured simple expressions, graphics, and photos that made subtle reference to Toronto and his early days in the city.

During the week-long prelude to game day on February 14th, Drake quietly released a crescendo of out-of-home assets across the city.

Learn more about the campaign here: brandedcities.ca/drakes-toronto-takeover


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